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The tried and proven ARB Fridge Freezer has been keeping our food and drinks cold for many years now. With continually advancing technology, ARB has given it's current Classic fridge an update. ARB's Classic Fridge Freezer Series II has had a physical refresh with a new modern colour scheme and a bunch of functional new features.

The Classic Fridge Freezer Series II has a dimmable, backlit touchpad for easy night time operation and 12V power input readout for simple voltage monitoring on the display. A transmitter allows remote display and control via a new app, which is available for download to smart devices or the LINX unit.

The ARB Fridge Freezer app allows full control of the Series II fridge via a mobile device. The user is able to turn the fridge on/off and manually adjust (or set via pre-sets) the target temperature. The app will display the target temp, the power input voltage, the fridge compressor status, and even alert the user if the lid is left open.

To individualise the app to suit, the display unit (Celsius or Fahrenheit), battery protection (high, medium or low) and fridge display brightness (high or low) can all be altered via the app settings. On top of this, the user can allocate set temperature names, such as food, ice cream or beer, and assign fridge names if connected to multiple fridges.

To complement the fridge, a new set of transit bags has been designed with a modern and stylish look, capturing the dark monochrome tones of the fridge, plus included is a bonus branded bottle opener.

For owners of current ARB fridges (post-2014 models), the new transmitter and app can be used to display the temperature, input voltage and compressor status.

Additionally, App Connect Transmitter Modules are included free with any Series II or Elements fridge purchase.

What's New? It's all about the looks...........

Colour scheme - inspired by ARB 'Jack', the gun-metallic colour really highlights the metal body of the fridge whilst the black plastics offer a smart and sleek contrast

Electronic updates:
Backlit control panel buttons for ease of use at night time or in low light situations
Dimmable display for customization
12v power input display to assist with monitoring battery condition

Communication - A new transmitting module has been introduced that utilises Bluetooth connectivity allowing both monitoring and control of your Series 2 Fridge/Freezer.

Whether you are in the driverís seat or relaxing in your camp chair, keeping an eye on the temperature of your beers has never been so easy - it can all be done on your Apple or Android Smartphone or ARB Linx device.

For existing ARB fridge customers, the new transmitter is also backwards compatible on any ARB fridge manufactured post 2014 however, functionality is limited to display only as indicated below. The app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App store.

Apple / Android App or LINX - the newly developed app offers an array of functionality such as;

App Fridge Display (available on Classic Series 1, Elements and Classis Series 2 as indicated):
Fridge name (available on Series 1, 2 and Elements)
Target temperature setting (available on Series 1, 2 and Elements)
Cabinet temperature (available on Series 1, 2 and Elements)
Customised temperature settings (only available on Series 2)
Power input (available on Series 1, 2 and Elements)
Fridge compressor status (available on Series 1, 2 and Elements)
Lid open visual warning (only available on Series 2)
Fridge system errors displayed as a app pop-up message (available on Series 1, 2 and Elements)

App Fridge Control (only available on Series 2)
Settings can be adjusted from the app such as; battery protection, units, display brightness, pre-set temperature settings, fridge name
Target temperature an be manually adjusted or altered via pre-sets
Fridge can be put in to standby
Multiple fridges can be added

LINX - In order to access the App on any LINK display, simply update to the latest version 1.4 or above and activate the Fridge Module on the main icon page.

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