Automatic Self Adjusting Brake Pipe Cutter - Ratchet Handle

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4.75mm (3/16") with ratchet handle

Modern brake pipe cutters can be quite small and compact but there are many instances when working on the car where there is still not enough clearance to turn the cutter around the whole circumference of the brake pipe. This new mini brake pipe cutter from Laser Tools solves this problem with its ratchet mechanism. Simply slide the cutter over the pipe the handle gives excellent leverage and even if the space is really restricted, a few turns of the handle will quickly and cleanly cut straight through. It is self-adjusting, so no need to keep tightening the blade down onto the pipe as you are cutting. Quick and easy. Use on 3/16" or 4.75mm brake pipe, steel, cupro nickel or copper.

  • > Ratcheting, self adjusting mini brake pipe cutter ideal for restricted access.
  • > 4.75mm (3/16") with ratchet handle.
  • > Automatic self adjusting for faster cutting. Fast and accurate operation, ideal for under vehicle use.
  • > Extra leverage due to handle length over standard cutter. To further increase leverage use the 1/4" drive square in the end of the handle.
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    • MPN:DA7484