Dinitrol - Flatdog Application

£444.00 inc. vat

(£370.00 excl.vat )


The Full Chassis Application of Dinitrol carried out here at Flatdog HQ ..

The process starts with a steam clean under the vehicle removing any grime, mud and salts underneath the vehicle. The underneath is then dried.

Next an application of Dinitrol cavity wax, which is a thixotropic rust prevention fluid with good film building properties for open surfaces as well as for cavities. It is capable of good penetration into crevices and joints, preventing corrosion and also allows for perfect adhesion for the black underbody wax.

Lastly we apply the Dinitrol under body wax which is a thixotropic external underbody rust prevention fluid. This provides long term resistance against corrosion and abrasion, even under severe conditions. It provides a tough elastic waxy protective coating. The wax film is resistant to repair and oven paint temperatures. Black Finish.

Advantages of booking in for the treatment at FD HQ include a free one year on inspection , just incase your vehicle has had any stone chip damage which has not self healed, or that day off road scraped some of the treatment off. You will also receive a signed certificate of the processes carried out from us as an approved Dinitrol treatment Centre

We offer this service per vehicle based on age of the vehicle and condition, for example on clean and newer vehicles, there will be no need for the rust cure treatment , on older vehicles there may be a few rust spots which are treated prior to the Dinitrol treatment.

The treatment will take 3-4 days dependant on weather, condition of the vehicle and delivery time. Pre booking is required however if you wish to purchase online you may contact us prior with any questions and to reserve a time slot.

Please Note : Please check for rust spots and contact us if you have any queries. We also provide a free pre treatment vehicle assessment at FD HQ

  • Free Pre Treatment Inspection Before Treatment Booking
  • Full Steam Clean
  • Rust Cure (on vehicles required)
  • Cavity Wax
  • Underbody Wax
  • Completion Certificate
  • Free One Year On Inspection
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    • MPN:480-FD