Emergency Puncture Repair Sealant

£8.00 inc. vat

(£6.67 excl.vat )


The sealant is an equal mix of a hydrocarbon propellant and water based liquid latex.
1 aerosol for one tyre, a single use product for tyres up to and including 16.
A temporary repair designed to get you home no need for any tools or wheel changes.
For use on tubeless tyres only.
The tyre needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
Will not repair tyres that have come off the rim, are ripped, have punctures larger than 5mm or have damaged walls.
Once the aerosol is completely empty and the tyre is re-inflated immediately drive for 6-12 miles (10-20km) at a reduced speed do not exceed 30mph/45kph so the product can be distributed uniformly in the tyre.
Simple to use instructions printed on the can.

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