Max Adventure Expedition Grade Tyre Puncture Sealant

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Max Adventure are expedition specialists with 25 years experience of operating vehicles in the most extreme environments on earth. We've established world firsts, set world records and operated vehicles from -60C to +50C and 5,600m above sea level high in the Himalayas. Right hand man to the renowned explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, London to Cape Town record holders and leading Hollywood actors along some of the toughest roads in the world for an award-winning series on Discovery Channel are just some of our credentials.

Having been using a tyre sealant as used by the SAS on all our vehicle expeditions over the past 15 years, we are delighted to now offer this product to the Land Rover and 4x4 market.

The sealant is applied to a serviceable tyre through the valve via a resealable pull out nozzle on the bottle cap from a 1 litre plastic bottle. A 1 Litre bottle will service two Land Rover Tyres.

The main difference between our product and those you might have seen before is that this product is the only one with an active NATO stock number having passed stringent MOD testing for use in Special Forces vehicles on hostile operations.

The puncture repair is considered a permanent one, you can just carry on your journey as normal and the tyre normally only needs to be replaced when it's worn out.

Not compatible with all TPMS systems

  • You don't have to stop as the sealant does the work automatically
  • You don't need any specific training such as using a traditional tyre repair kit, which can be a bit of knack to get used to.
  • You probably won't even know you had a puncture, it seals it so quickly
  • You can have multiple punctures and it still works
  • The risk of writing off a tyre by running on a flat before you know you've got a puncture is almost eliminated
  • The chances of writing off a rim (particularly an expensive alloy) by running on a flat is also vastly reduced
  • Tyres will maintain their correct pressure and bead leaks are stopped. This optimises fuel range, increases tyre life and lessens the risk of a blowout
  • The sealant distributes the heat around the tyre so reducing the chances of hot spots and subsequent blowouts
  • The product will not prevent you from airing down your tyres when negotiating soft sections
  • The product can be reused between tyres - a silicone kitchen scraper is good for this, just don't tell the wife!
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