Merlin SmartBank Advanced - Full System

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Merlin SmartBank Advanced - Full System for 2 Batteries 200A, 12V

SmartBank Advanced combines the powerful features of both SmartGauge and SmartBank to provide the most efficient, effective and sophisticated split charge/monitoring system available today.

By using battery data gathered by SmartGauge, the SmartBank Advanced unit automatically calculates and adjusts split charging parameters to provide the most effective and efficient settings as well as introducing automatic priority to the engine start battery.

No detailed set-up is required.
Automatic settings can be over-ridden and manually programmed for those with complex systems or exotic battery types.

The SmartGauge becomes both a battery monitor and remote panel for SmartBank. This provides spilt charge status information and controls for emergency parallel.

SmartBank Advanced is available for 2 or 3 battery bank installations.
The system is available with or without SmartGauge so that existing owners can upgrade their split charging system (connection between SmartGauge and SmartBank
Advanced is made using a Plug and Play RJ11 data cable).

  • All the features of the SmartBank split system and Smart Gauge Battery Monitor combined
  • Provides priority based, zero loss split charging of multiple battery banks
  • Emergency Parallel Feature
  • Unique shuntless battery monitoring
  • The most advanced stand-alone split charging system available
  • More cost effective than buying split charger and battery monitor separates

    Series II Discovery 1 Defender 90 Freelander 1 Range Rover Classic
    Series III Discovery 2 Defender 110 Freelander 2 Range Rover P38
    Discovery 3 Defender 130 Range Rover L322
    Discovery 4 2020 Defender 90 Range Rover Sport
    Discovery 5 2020 Defender 110 Range Rover Evoque
      Discovery Sport     Range Rover L405
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