Repel - Advanced Rain Repellent

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“Repel” by Autobrite Direct is a new superior technology glass rain repellent that forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces and rapidly repels water and enhance driver visibility in bad weather conditions. Repel will also protect the glass surface from grime, traffic film, salt, bugs, fallout, Ice and snow making it easier to clean away.

Repel leaves an excellent durable coating which lasts months when applied to all glass surfaces giving you maximum protection always. Repel will repel water at speeds as low as 30MPH and will effectively repel rain water from the windscreen without the constant use of windscreen wipers. Repel When applied will not leave a milky and hazy finish when using you wipers and will leave a streak free finish.

Used in various forms of transport such as van and truck companies, taxis, motorcyclists, racing drivers and the emergency services.

Our 100ml bottle of Repel can get up to 15 protective applications on all glass surfaces including your windscreen, back screen and all side windows. That’s up to 15 applications on your windows giving you up 3 years protection! Repel is recommended to be applied 2-3 times on the first application to the glass surface for the best and most protected result.

Application Instructions

Apply Repel to a clean glass surface ensuring the product covers the whole area. Leave for approximately 1 minute and then lightly wipe with a clean, dry microfibre into a haze. Leave the haze for a further 15 minutes and allow it to bond to the glass surface. Then with a clean, dry microfibre, apply Autobrite Crystal Glass Cleaner onto the cloth and clean the glass surface.

  • Repel forms an invisible protective shield on all glass surfaces
  • Repels water fast and very effective
  • Enhances visibility in bad weather conditions
  • Protects glass surfaces from traffic film, salt, bugs, fallout, ice and snow making the surface easier to clean
  • Repel repels water as low as 30mph
  • Will reduce the use of your wipers
  • Repel will not leave a milky and hazy finish when using your wipers
  • One 100ml bottle of Repel will treat all windows surfaces up to 15 times!
  • Used on all forms of transport
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