Rust proofing Kit Large - New Vehicle

£125.94 inc. vat

(£104.95 excl.vat )


This is the perfect DIY treatment for new vehicles or new chassis. Kits for older vehicles are available, and kits in aerosol versions.

To use this kit you require an air supply of 4-6 bar pressure

Dinitrol Under Body waxes:

This is a thixotropic external underbody rust prevention fluid, which provides long term resistance against corrosion and abrasion, even under severe conditions. It provides a tough elastic waxy protective coating. The wax film is resistant to repair and oven paint temperatures.

Dinitrol Cavity Wax:

This is a thixotropic rust prevention fluid with good film building properties for open surfaces as well as for cavities. It is capable of good penetration into crevices and joints, preventing further corrosion even on damp or dirty surfaces. Cavity waxes leave a brown, waxy water repellent protective film.

The Kit Includes:

  • 4 x Litres DIN3654M Cavity Wax
  • 6 x Litres DIN4941M Black Underbody Wax
  • 1 x DINAC-1L Dinitrol 7225 Autocleaner 1 Litre
  • 1 x REJEQ001 Schutz Style Spraygun with 500mm hose & nozzle
  • 50 x DINPLUG10BL50 10mm Black Tapered Plastic Blanking Plugs.
  • Further Information:

    MPN DIN09L
    • Product Code:465-FD
    • MPN:DIN09L