Speedo Healer

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Defender - Td5 and 2007 Onwards

Behind the handbrake back plate , on later defenders, is a green wire transducer which generates a pulse. This is then sent to the speedometer to show your vehicle's speed.

Fitting different sized tyres or a non-standard ratio ring and pinion in the diffs could well mean the speed displayed is then inaccurate, so that's where the Speedo healer comes in

Fitting and programming this box is easy, and once installed allows you to adjust the output pulse, both up and down, meaning you can set the correct speed at which you are travelling.

The instructions included detail how easy it is to program the box using a sat nav system.

  • Easy to install
  • Td5 and onwards defender fitment

    Series II Discovery 1 Defender 90 Freelander 1 Range Rover Classic
    Series III Discovery 2 Defender 110 Freelander 2 Range Rover P38
    Discovery 3 Defender 130 Range Rover L322
    Discovery 4 2020 Defender 90 Range Rover Sport
    Discovery 5 2020 Defender 110 Range Rover Evoque
      Discovery Sport     Range Rover L405
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