Top Gloss Shine - Instant Wax Drying Aid - SAVE 25%

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Top Gloss Shine is the instant way to give your car a brilliant shine with no effort. Its so easy to use and you can get that "just waxed" look in minutes with no hard rubbing or polishing, just a "Mirror Finish" shine that lasts. Firstly wash with a conventional shampoo such as our Autobrite "Citrus Pearl", wash the car and rinse. Then simply apply Top Gloss via a bucket, hand application, gilmour or a Autobrite Foam Lance and spray on the gloss shine!

Top Gloss Shine is suitable for use in any pressure sprayer or foam lance system. Suitable for all paint types and finishes including metallics, vinyl and rubber. plastic and also glass!

Foam Lance Instructions

For use in conjunction with a Autobrite Foam Lance, remove the injector head and pour approx 200ml into the bottom of the bottle. Then fill the bottle with water, refit the the foam injector lance and shake gently to mix the solution, finally attaching the foam lance to the pressure washer. Adjust the top dial on the foam lance injector until you get your required foam. Wait 5-10 minutes to dwell and then simply rinse to reveal a protected gloss shine! Simply dry using a Autobrite polar Express Drying Towel.

Gilmour Instructions

For use in conjunction with a Gilmour Foam Master II foam gun, remove the bottle and place approx 200ml of Top Gloss Shine into the bottle - then top up with water. Gently shake the bottle to mix the solution and then attached to the gilmour gun, alter foam mixture to suit.

Bucket Application

To use in a bucket wash simply add approx 200ml of Top Gloss Shine into the bottom of the bucket and fill up with water, you may not get any quality foam but the quality and lubricity of the wash you will see the difference.

Hand Application

Simply spray Top Gloss Shine onto the paint surface while the car is still wet. Then wipe and buff the surface with a Mr Yellow Drying Towel for a high gloss shine.

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