Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

£126.00 inc. vat

(£105.00 excl.vat )


Are your tyres at the right pressure?

Maintaining your vehicle’s tyre pressure leads to greater fuel economy and helps towards longer tyre life!

This system is an advanced monitoring & alert system of tyre conditions. It monitors tyre pressure and temperature and relays the state of each tyre to a display unit. When any abnormalities are detected, the system will display the status of the affected tyre and sound an alarm to ensure you take action to remedy the problem. Keeping your tyres in good condition at the right pressure can extend the life of your tyres, reduce fuel consumption and improve handling.

Tyres that are at the right pressure will -
"> Improve fuel consumption
"> Increase the tyre life span
"> Help enhance vehicle handling & braking
"> Reduce susceptibility to hydroplaning

Note - This system will only measure up to a maximum of 3.5 bar.

System contents -

  • 1 x Display
  • 1 x Receiver
  • 4 x Tyre sensors
  • 3 x Display brackets
  • 2 x 3M stickers
  • 1 x Instruction manual
    • Product Code:1968-FD
    • MPN:DA4512