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Compatible with Jeep Wrangler 92-99 4L I6 Petrol Engines

The Safari SS10500-HF snorkel is tough and stylish and has been designed to deliver a huge volume of the coolest and cleanest air possible into the standard air cleaner assembly of the Jeep Wrangler.

Right from day-one, Safari took the decision to design a snorkel system that exceeded the air flow requirements of the gutsy 4.0Litre inline six cylinder engine.

Close attention to the internal cross sectional profile and area, air velocity and flow path through each and every point along the entire length of the snorkel system ensures that the greatest air flow is achieved.

This of course applies to components that are not visible. For example in order to achieve the optimum air flow from the snorkel into the standard air intake assembly inside the engine bay area, a special one-piece steel air cleaner housing adaptor was engineered. This adaptor is installed and positively sealed to the air cleaner assembly and forms a tough mounting point for the air intake hose to be installed to.

The specialized over-sized air intake hose that copules the snorkel body to the air cleaner assembly hose is specifically constructed to be exceptionally strong in order to eliminate any possibility of hose collapse under suction - and super tough to withstand high under-hood temperatures. The result is maximum engine performance and bullet-proof durability. The hose takes advantage of the tight spaces that would preclude the use of traditional hoses - but with the advantage that the desired internal cross sectional area is maintained at each and every point along its length.

In other words, maximum engine performance and the best possible fuel economy, but also the best structural integrity for a lifetime of hassle-free motoring over and through the world's toughest terrain.

  • All Safari Snorkels come with a 2 year warranty to ensure quality and complete satisfaction.
  • Breathe Easy - The genuine Safari Snorkel is positively sealed and delivers a continuous and cooler supply of air for the best engine protection on the planet.
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    • MPN:1050HF